S o f t w a r e    P r o d u c t s - C u r r e n t l y   i n   D e v e l o p m e n t


* A glimpse of the future in aviation education *



by Rob Manion, CRH, ASEL, CGI/A-I


Take a new glimpse into the future for aviation education and training... the best 3D tutorial for air-cooled reciprocating aviation engines. 

How about learning through a virtual and visual experience?  If a picture is worth a thousand words, this future tutorial will read like "War and Peace". 


Seeing is believing.  Believing leads to understanding and comprehending without words.  Do you want to see what the future may hold to help you understand 'exactly' how an engine really works, without incredible amounts of studying and reading required to become an aviation mechanic or even pass a written private pilot test? 


You have to see this 4-minute sample to appreciate this. The final version will be approximately 45 minutes in length and include professional voice-over narration.


The video sample you are about to see was created with advanced 3D solid-model rendering, to scale, with a lot of programming and design patience. 

The reality of the experience was the goal towards full comprehension. 


Click on the graphic image below to download a preview of Virtual*Aviation*Engine. The video sample is approximately 5 minutes duration. 

(Approximately 62 Gigabytes download; or 1 minute via cable modem, or 2 minutes DSL). 


This sample is just over 4 minutes in duration, at 640x480 resolution.

Click on the image below to download the 4 minute video sample.


More Images...


High-resolution detail of all engine components

Close-ups of all engine components

Incredible realism

What the engine looks like with a propeller

Action animation with all 4 cycles

The INTAKE stroke...

The Intake stroke from multiple angles...

Comparison of the connecting rod to an average bicycle pedal.

Igniting your interest...

Ignition stroke from another angle...

Close-up of of the CAM lobes

Identifying the engine components...

What the piston looks like behind a transparent Cylinder and cooling fins

And now, 2 pistons working in harmony.

Take a step back and see how the piston drives the main Crankshaft.

Close-ups of all engine components

The details, including the bearings...

A shot of a single piston in operation.


No, these images were NOT created with PaintShoppe, PhotoShop or any other 2-Dimensional graphic tool.  These are realistic solid-model 3D renderings, generated by a true solid model rendering tool.... the key to understanding and learning is the reality of the presentation.