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"Manual E6B - Virtual  Tips & Tricks"  for Slide Rule type Manual E6B Flight Computers

Fly Anything's Manual E6B - Virtual  Tips & Tricks software is a 3-Dimensional graphically animated video "Tips & Tricks" assistant for Slide-Rule type Manual E6B Flight Computers, can be purchased on-line, by catalog or downloaded exclusively at Sporty's Pilot Shop.


Manual E6B Virtual Tips & Tricks, covers the following topics:

 1   Introduction of the Manual E6B
 2   Overview
 3   Construction
 4   Getting Started
 5   Calculator Side Introduction
 6   Actual Ground Speed
 7   Time En-route
 8   Fuel Endurance
 9   Actual Distance
10  Maximum Fuel Range
11  Actual Fuel Range
12  Conversions
13  Density Altitude
14  True Altitude
15  Feet Per Mile VS Feet Per Minute
16  Off-Course Corrections
17  Cross-Wind Table
18  Wind Correction Angles
19  Determining Winds In Flight

Finally, there is a real way to learn how to use a slide-rule type flight computer!   Manual E6B - Virtual  Tips & Tricks is a CD-ROM based computer software companion that enhances the simplicity of the Slide-Rule type Manual E6B flight computers through the use of fully animated graphics and professional narration. All of the features of Manual E6B's flight computers are covered, with useful tips and tricks throughout the 20 videos, making real-world flight planning more efficient. The program was targeted for the standard Manual E6B flight computer, so it is generic for most standard types of manual E6B flight computers with the sliding scale.

The narrated videos are augmented with an aviation knowledge mini-refresher in order to assist with a total understanding of the flight planning features. Professionally narrated by Brent Bissell.

Manual E6B - Virtual Tips & Tricks software was developed by a veteran FAA Certified Ground Instructor and Commercial Pilot, who has personally used Manual E6B flight computers for years.

A sample video download is available now by clicking on this link.  This 13-1/2 minute compilation of the full 1 and one quarter hour represents the tutorial's strength in coverage, ease of understanding, realistic representation and how each subject is fortified with concept explanations like you would have received in ground school. This preview is only in full 320x240 resolution, but the final product is in full 640x480.   Please allow for download time.  All video snippets were taken directly from the full product to offer you a full review of what you are buying.


Released Christmas of 2008.

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Reviewer’s Feedback

I just finished reviewing Fly Anything Incorporated's (Rob Manion's) newest product, Tips and Tricks for the Manual E6B Flight Computer. I've been in aviation for 20 years, 17 of them professionally, and I can say for the first time that I finally, really understand how to use this device. Fly Anything's product is to the point, clear and concise, and makes learning the E6B easy. I may just have to start carrying one on the Boeing 737 now that I know how to use it.!
Chris Deimler
First Officer Boeing 737-700

Fly Anything and his staff have done it again. They’ve created another outstanding tutorial for pilots in training, or for anyone else who wants to learn how to use an E6-B calculator. I’ve previously evaluated five of the “Fly Anything” products and this is definitely the best yet. As with the others, the thoroughness of presentation is unmatched. The format and ease of use make this tutorial ideal for anyone at any level of piloting proficiency.
Richard Willman
ATC Instructor, Subject Matter Expert

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Minimum requirements:

  • 1.5 GHz computer

  • Windows 2000 or XP (Home or Professional), Vista and Windows-7

  • Sound card

  • Minimum video resolution of 1024 x768

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Released Date: December 2008