Virtual * Navigation * Chart - by Rob Manion

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Virtual * Nav * Chart is a fully animated, professionally narrated 3-dimensional tutorial covering detailed interpretation of the 3 common aviation navigation charts, known as the World Aeronautical Chart, Sectional Chart and the Terminal Area Chart.

This tutorial will explain not only how to read a low-level V F R sectional chart, but also how that same knowledge can be used to interpret both the World Aeronautical and terminal area charts. The common elements found on each chart type are discussed and illustrated in detail, and most importantly, how they individually apply to your flight planning.

 Through an interactive set of sectional chart explanations, demonstrations, comparisons and conditions, you can expect to master cross-country planning with a high level of confidence and ease.   Never make a mistake again by misinterpreting or ignoring a sectional chart symbol.

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The following represents a list of all topics covered, in great detail, both through visual and audio examples.

The 3 Charts – History and Overview

Mode C Veil

The Sectional Chart

National Security Areas   

V F R Sectional Chart Symbols

Temporary Flight Restricted Areas

Airport Legend

Wildlife Refuge Areas 

Airport Data Block

TRSA -Terminal Radar Service Areas

Radio Aids to Navigation Block

Military Training Routes

Airport Traffic Service Block

Obstructions Pane

Airspace Information Block Miscellaneous Panel

Airspace Classes: B, C, D, E and G

Topography Panel   
Special Use Airspace, Including ADIZ & FRZ Sectional Legend – The Flip Side
Laser Warning Signals (not shown on charts)

Geographic Relief   

Prohibited Areas

Terminal Area Charts

Restricted Areas 

Published V F R Routes

Warning Areas

VFR Flyways

Alert Areas VFR Corridors
Military Operation Areas

World Aeronautical Chart (WAC)

Maximum Elevation Features Using the Sectional Chart and Plotter
Legal Altitudes Practical Demonstration - Airspace 

Longitude and Latitude

Practical Demonstration - Symbols
Navigation Using the Charts Practical Demonstration - Cross-Country 

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Professional voice-over narrations performed by Brent Bissell.

All videos are best viewed in their native 480x320 format.

To play the video samples, simply left-click on the following link, or to save the videos to your computer, simply right-click on any of the links and "Save Target As" or "Save Link As", depending on your type of Internet browser.

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Reviewer’s Feedback

   Again, I think your work is absolutely outstanding and so desperately needed by future pilots and those who have their license but need a little refresher training. The material is very easy to follow, accurate, and thorough. Who could ask for anything more? Keep up the wonderful work.

   - Instructor and Subject Matter Expert (SME) – FAA Air Traffic Control Training Facility

   It went above and beyond for the airspace classification explanation.... was not aware of  the Alert and MOA areas and what went on there.  This is a must have for ground school. I wish I had it before I took my exam. Even my instructor didn’t know about the wildlife refuge areas! Left out nothing. Went above and beyond with the Airspace instruction and their requirements for VFR flight.

   - Eric Hansen, Student Pilot

Download it Now directly from Sporty's Pilot Shop!